Frequently Asked Questions

Making the right choice

Choosing the right provider is an important decision, so we want to make sure you have all the information you need.

There are many websites, acting as agents that offer direct cremations despite not having the experience or the facilities.

We operate full transport and modern mortuary facilities ourselves.

Our services are not available via any price comparison websites and are not to be confused with any other direct cremation service of a very similar name.

So take your time and, hopefully, some of the answers below will help with your research. 

All areas of mainland England and Wales.

We were first involved with providing funeral services in 1970, and have experienced all aspects of the profession since then.

Many changes have occurred in funeral provision during that period, and we have cared for thousands of families during that time.

Very much an independent concern, though we do call upon the assistance of other carefully chosen and established funeral directors from time to time, where appropriate.

Sorry, but no. The direct cremation choice specifically excludes that, and some other more traditional options.

Certainly. A casket containing the deceased’s ashes can be almost as poignant a focus at a service or gathering as the coffin itself. The “softer nature” and greater flexibility allowed by this approach is arguably no less reverent than many traditional arrangements. It is, very much a matter of personal choice.

The whole concept of offering a Simple Direct Cremation at such an acceptable cost revolves around not having to provide several unnecessary facilities to Clients.

The very fact that you are reading this on the web saves on expensive local advertising costs.

Because there is no viewing, our Chapel of Rest would not be utilised, and because there is no traditional church or secular service, the costs of hearse and limousines and additional staff are also not necessary.

All professional facilities are, however, available to us.

Simply by concentrating on this ever more popular choice of arrangement. By providing exactly what is required to conduct a dignified simple departure, and by not transferring the financial burden of irrelevant vehicle fleets, staff, and large, plush premises to the client via their account.

Our terms and conditions and charges are proudly transparent, and available on request, or by clicking HERE. Quotations are always given in writing prior to any commitment by you to engage our professional services.

The medico-legal forms have to be completed as normal, and we will assist you in this process.

All aspects of receiving the Deceased at the crematorium, and the cremation itself are conducted in private.

The crematorium utilised will be fully licensed in accordance with all current requirements. The date and place of cremation is entirely at our discretion and is chosen on the grounds of cost and availability.

The Code of Crematoria Practice is followed, requiring cremation of the Deceased on the same day as arrival wherever possible.  

Our private mortuary facilities are situated within the grounds of Park Crematorium, Lytham. Our Westpark Chapel combines non-denominational Rest Rooms, together with modern mortuary facilities. Beautifully sited in leafy parkland, with woodpeckers, foxes and abundant wildlife quite literally on it’s doorstep, this is a most fitting last resting place prior to cremation.

Following a cremation, the ashes are available for collection or scattering after 48 hours. Where hand delivery back to our client has been chosen, We aim to do this within 21 days of the cremation.

As the costs of the arrangement are fixed, we are able to provide the funeral invoice prior to assuming care of, and thus, responsibility for the Deceased. All our charges, and doctors / crematorium fees must be received in full, and in advance of the actual cremation. Payment may be made via cash, cheque, bankers’ draft, or bank transfer, or the following credit/debit cards – Mastercard, Visa, or American Express.

Usually, Yes, but a full deposit will be required. The DWP payment allows for a greater range of services than the Simple Direct Arrangement provides, however, if an eligible person successfully applies for this social fund payment, then a reduced claim may be met.
Additional mortuary and other charges relating to care of the deceased may be incurred by delays often encountered via this payment route. Additional professional charges are liable to be added to our account for these reasons.  
If you intend to make such a claim, please advise us immediately.
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