Solid Wood Ashes Casket – Pillared Corners


We will contact you after purchase to arrange engraving.

Either in Velveteen or Card these presentation bags for our wooden ashes caskets are a perfect addition to help carry what can end up being a heavy item.


This solid wood ashes casket has pillars to each corner and a raised top, it is a long term respectful container for cremated remains.

Available in two types of wood, Oak or Utile.

Oak is a type of hardwood that is native to the northern hemisphere. It is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain and whilst the shade of oak can vary from tree to tree and branch to branch it is certainly a beautiful natural feature in itself without the need for heavy ornamentation.

Utile is a hardwood also known as Sipo or Sipo Mahogany, native to West and Central Africa. It has a uniform medium reddish brown grain that is interlocked rather than irregular, giving it an alternating light and dark banded look. Utile is probably the genuine Mahogany alternative that most closely resembles the wood which it is so often used to replace.

275 cubic inch capacity suitable for the ashes of one adult.
Exterior dimensions (in cm) 20W x 28L x 16H.
Access via base of casket.

Custom engraving and a presentation bag is a great addition to finish off the simplistic nature of this naturally beautiful item.


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