Arrange a direct cremation

Say goodbye in your own personal way, even if they don’t have any prior arrangements.

What's included

Experienced funeral director’s services

Registration assistance and advice

Simple solid coffin made from FSC approved sustainable sources

Scheduled transfer from hospital or mortuary

Care of the deceased at our modern mortuary

Certificate of cremation

Disposal of the ashes by strewing or the safe return of ashes in a simple plastic transit urn

Medical certificates issued by doctors, where the Coroner is not fully involved 

Purchase a direct cremation online quickly and easily with confidence. Choose from the options below to proceed with the booking process.

We’ll then make all the necessary arrangements, guide you through the paperwork and make everything as quick and easy as possible.

Regardless of if you have spoken to us already or not, this is the place to conveniently proceed with purchasing our Direct Cremation service online.

Our Eco Friendly urn is a perfectly respectable container and is suitable for scatterings, travelling with or storage until a later date. This is included free of charge.

You are more than welcome to chose a more personal urn, casket or ashes container from our recommendations here, there is also more choice in our shop.

Say a fond farewell

If you’re responsible for making the arrangements, a direct cremation offers you the opportunity to celebrate your loved one’s life in the most personal way possible.

By removing the need for a service or attending the cremation you can choose a time and place that suits everyone.

Furthermore, there’s no need to limit the attendance, so you can invite whoever you like, including small children, even pets.

Spend the money you’ll save on traditional funeral services on something more befitting of the departed’s wishes or by giving them the best send-off possible. 

Additional Charges

Home address, nursing/rest/care home, or hospice or hospital without mortuary facilities (subject to local costs and availability).

£150.00 – £350.00

Location dependant.

Clients requiring a coffin exceeding 6’2″ x 22″ may be subject to an additional charge.
Where bariatric (obese) factors are present, causing additional or unusual requirements, we reserve the right to either decline or withdraw our services at any time, and/or make additional charges where these become necessary.
Please note that in extreme bariatric cases, a cremation may not be possible.

The small print

The above cost examples specifically exclude the collection of the deceased from domestic, care, or nursing home premises.
Also excluded are embalming, viewing of the deceased and any funeral procession or service prior to cremation.
Where the death occurs in a non-hospital environment, or hospital or hospice without mortuary facilities, then an additional charge may apply unless the Coroner is fully involved.
Our service is currently available throughout mainland England and Wales and all charges, and disbursements/fees must be paid prior to the cremation taking place.
Full terms and conditions can be veiwed here.​

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