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As you may be aware there have been a lot of changes within the pre-paid funeral planning industry just recently, with a lot of good and bad press.

The whole industry is now regulated by the Financial Standards Authority, we believe this is a very good thing, however it has caused some turbulence in the market and recently we have seen some funeral planning companies going out of business (thankfully none that we had anything to do with).

Others are now all dealing with new regulations and making compliance applications, it for us feels too unpredictable at the moment for us to trust a plan provider with your money!

With this in mind, we have taken the decision not to offer a Pre-Paid plan option for the time being.

Register your interest

To find out when we do launch a Pre Paid Plan in future, please register your interest here.

We will only contact you to keep you up to date and your information will not be used for sales or shared with others.

To all of you who have purchased a Pre Paid Plan from us in the past, we are pleased to confirm that all direct cremation plans previously sold by Simplicita – in conjunction with Ecclesiastical Planning Services and Funeral Planning Services – conform to the new FCA funeral plan requirements.

There is no need to adjust your plan.

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